Thursday, April 28, 2011

A- Alabama gets bombarded by deadly storm 4/28

The last couple days we have all probably noticed the extreme amount of rain we have been getting. Although it's rain, we pay no mind to it. At the same time we were getting dribbles of rain, Alabama was dealing with a completely different monster. The past week there has been a storm chain that has been crossing the United States at a rapid pace. Almost all of the East Coast has experienced the dreadul ongoing rain all last week and part of this week. To all of us in Pennsylvania, the rain has been nothing but annoying, canceling many spring sports, and leaving us with those awful headaches. Even though the sports were canceled and our heads pounded, we were the lucky ones.

Early Wednesday morning, President Obama declared a state of emergency in Alabama. The storm had already taken almost 200 lives before it hit Alabama, and that number got higher as a twister took the lives of over 100 citizens who were in its path of destruction. Wind gusts were said to be over 200 mph. The houses in its path were no match for this tornado, and many got lifted and launched in the air as it struck. While search and rescue teams do their best to find as many as they can, there are still a great number of people missing. Now more than ever, surrounding states and states up north are pitching in to help this distressed state. Fundraisers are being held all over the US, and over $10,000 has been made so far. It's nice to see the US coming together and helping each other out. It makes you feel good to know you're living in such a good place, where help is always around the corner.

-- Alaina