Wednesday, May 25, 2011

bullying for fun? honestly?

One thing that I've noticed lately in school is bullying. You never think it would happen in your school, and some people just don't care enough to watch for it. People always see it on TB, and many kid's shows are based around stopping it. Many people even come to schools across the nation every year and talk to them about the harms of it. I've never been bullied in all my years of school. I was raised to be pretty outspoken. I remember back in elementary school watching kids get teased but nothing that I thought they couldn't handle. Middle school was by far the worst: girls got cattier, and boys craved attention even more than before. Walking down the hall, you could see someone classified as "weird" and someone "popular" making fun of him. When I was in eighth grade, I remember there was a girl that was considered the most "popular". I was not friends with her, nor was I an enemy; we were always just "mutual". As i walked into the locker room, I saw her staring at me and the new Guess bag my mom had recently bought me. She walked over to me and said, "Your purse looks extremely fake." That hit me hard, and I never realized before how much it hurt to have someone put you down like that. I was never mean to anyone, and I got along with just about everyone. It just hurt.

About three years later, here I am, faced with bullying again, but this time it's not me. I have recently made a new friend. He and I have become very close over the past couple weeks. We do everything together: we fish, hunt, go on jeep rides, shoot things, and we are just so alike in many ways. He and I sat for hours in the mountains just having heart to hearts about everything we could think of that we wanted to get off our chests for so long. I've never met a boy nicer than he is. There are a couple boys in his grade that find it fun to pick on him simply because they are bored. He never told me about them, because he didn't want a girl taking care of his problems. The moment i found out about this, I found them all together and confronted them about it. I told them how immature they look, and how upper classmen are looking down on them because many of my friends have found out about it also. Their faces turned red as an apple and they apologized many times. I pretty much told them what was up, and they stopped. This is one of the biggest things I've learned: if you have a loud voice, give it to others that do not and help them because good karma always comes back to you. And most important, always be a good friend.

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