Thursday, May 5, 2011

This prom dress couldn't get any sweeter, literally!

Entering high school is a big change for most people and a scary one at that. You leave the little middle school from being a top dog to now being the under dog like you were years before. High school has is advantages, such as more freedoms, getting your license and, of course, going to the prom.

All the buzz right now is prom, prom, prom! Everywhere you go, you can hear the girls talking about what color prom dress they have, where they got it, who's their date and so on. Now being an underclasssmen last year, I remember going to promenade and seeing some sweet dresses, but nothing gets sweeter than this dress, literally!

Tara Frey of Wisconsin won't have to worry about getting the same dress as someone else, or even looking like someone else. She handcrafted her dress out of Starburst candy wrappers. Yes, candy wrappers! If that's not cool and imaginative, I really don't know what is.

Tara and her mom had the idea in their heads for years since they saw another girl in a gum-wrapper dress (Perhaps it was Liz, the girl from our school who made her dress out of Starburst several years ago!) Ever since that day, they have been Starburst crazy, trying to buy as many as they possibly could. They tried to construct this dress six times before they actually got it right, and the results are breathtaking and fairy-tale like. Every couple of weeks the two would buy 20 pounds of Starburst and eat and eat until they couldn't eat any more.

She even made Starburst shoes and a vest for her date.

I give major props to this girl, this was a sweet idea, and a yummy one at that!

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