Tuesday, May 17, 2011

human magnet?

Now I've seen some strange things in my life, but this has got to be one of the strangest-- a magnetic boy? Yeah, I'm not even kidding, he attracts metal. Ivan Stoilijkovic was born with a magnetic upper body that attracts metal to his body such as pans, forks and tools. Ivan lives and grew up in Kroatia and his parents always realized he was different.

He was walking by eight months, rollerblading by 18 months, and he could actually drive a motorcycle by the time he was just two years old! Many people in Ivan's town don't really fully understand what his "gift" is. They found out he was magnetic one day when his gram was messing around and poked him with a fork, and the fork stuck to him.

Ivan's grandparents believe that this is a gift, and they urge him to practice this every morning when his gift seems most powerful. Other people in Ivan's town believe he has the power to heal people with just a touch. I think this is so awesome, and a a little strange.

I mean who ever would of thought of someone being magnectic? Hey, you wouldn't have to worry about being the same as everyone else, and I guess if you have a gift might as well flaunt it! This is something that makes him different and everyone strives to be different so I believe this is just about as cool as it gets.

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