Thursday, May 26, 2011

good ole' small town USA

I have grown up in a rural town all my life, so I will never understand why people do not like it here. Things like cookouts on the weekends and bonfires every night possible are nothing out of the norm. Some of my favorite things to do in this town are get together with my friends and go on jeep rides. We go all over the mountains, and it's one of the most fun things we do. After we find a good spot, we stop and make a bonfire while we jam our country music and cook things over the fire. Some days when the weather is actually nice, we will take the jeeps out Havice Valley and go fishing. There's a certain spot on a little bridge where all the fish are, where only my friends and I know about. Summer brings out the best activities in this town, and it becomes alive again after the long cold winter months. One of my all-time favorite summertime activities is going to Hawstone rope swing with my friends. Hawstone has one of the biggest rope swings around here, and it's nothing less then a thrill rush. Tubing down the Juniata river for hours on end is also something we do. Breaking out the quads and dirt bikes is always a special day for the Motown Crew. They're more than my crew; they are just like my family. We have been called Motown Crew because we all hang around in McVeytown. There are about 15 of us. I always hear people saying how much they hate this town and how boring it is, yet they are wrong. I can tell you right now that this town is full of things to do, if you're with the right people. There's nothing better than camping up in the mountains on a ridge with your friends and watching the sunrise over the river. I have been to the Gulf of Mexico and many other places like that, but nothing beats good ol' Miff Co. I am positive this is the place I want to live forever. This is an exact example of a "small town USA", and this will forever be my home. And I love it that way.

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