Tuesday, May 24, 2011

rain rain go away..

Ok, honestly, what the heck is up with this rain and tornadoes?! I don't remember it raining this much in one season. Over the past week, we have gotten over five inches of rain.

Last night I was sitting at my sister's softball game when we heard over the radio there was a tornado watch for Mifflin, Juniata and many other Central PA counties. I've never seen a tornado in person before, only the things i see off the Weather Channel on Storm Chasers.

When the thought of a tornado came into my mind, fear struck me. As the clouds got darker and darker behind us, no one seemed to take notice. Coaches and the umps didn't even move an inch when they saw the circling cloud. My mom ran over to them and tried to tell them it would be safe to leave, but they ignored her the best they could and simply said, "This is Pennsylvania, we don't get them here". Well I had a few choice words for this man after my mom walked away, and I let him know EXACTLY how I felt about his irrational decision. There were over 25 kids there between the ages of 10-13 playing on a ball field, where a tornado was about to hit.

I got a call about five minutes later from my best friend in McVeytown saying her mom saw the funnel cloud forming above their house. We were in Strodes Mills, which is about six minutes away from her house. As we watched the heavy rain and clouds roll in, we got out of there as fast as possible. My mom, little sister Rachelle and neighbors rode down to Wal-mart to wait out the storm.

I just can't get it through my head why these men would let little kids lives in danger for a Little League softball game. That's one risk I'm not willing to take, especially for my family. And let me tell you, I KNOW I can't win a fight with a tornado, can you? Sometimes I wonder if people ever use their heads to think, or use common sense.

When I was around four years old, my mom and i rode through a tornado. Of course it wasn't very big, and we didn't realize what it was until we saw the roof of the car wash beside CVS come off.

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